Part 4: Revising Your Literature Review

So you have written your first draft - what’s next? Part 4 will guide you through the process of revision and proofreading in the writing process by asking you to reflect on critical questions and peer feedback.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this part you will be able to:

  • reflect on your writing challenges and learn how to overcome them,
  • apply revision strategies and techniques to your writing at the global and local level, and
  • use guidelines for peer review.

Learning Materials

Work through the following materials to become familiar with the purpose and steps to successfully complete a Literature Review.

Summary of Literature Review Tasks 

Work through the following tasks to manage and track your Literature Review.

  1. Proofing
  2. Revise


Words of Advice

  • Write according to reader expectations.
  • Be sure your evidence and analyses work together to support your main point.
  • Use clear organization to ensure your points build on each other.