Part 1: Overview, How to Start, and Planning and Research

Part 1 will provide you with an overview of the Literature Review process, and all the necessary components included to plan, research, and write your literature review.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this part you will be able to:

  • describe the purpose and process of a Literature Review,
  • apply the steps to plan and create a Literature Review,
  • formulate a strong research question to guide your research,
  • manage large writing projects, and
  • build your analytical and synthesis skills.

Learning Materials

Work through the following materials to become familiar with the purpose and steps to successfully complete a Literature Review.

Summary of Literature Review Tasks 

Work through the following tasks to manage and track your literature review.

  1. Create a Project Schedule
  2. Select a Topic
  3. Create a Bibliography

Words of Advice

  • Literature Reviews vary by discipline and function, so it is important to review the expectations of the professor.
  • Literature Reviews allow you to gain an advanced knowledge of the scholarship on your topic.
  • Literature Reviews have specific sections, regardless of format: introduction, body, conclusion, and a reference list.
  • Planning your research strategy before you begin your Literature Review will focus your efforts and save you time.