It’s a process in gaining fluency

When you first get started, online course facilitation can feel intimidating and complex. Things that feel easy for you in the face-to-face teaching context that you are used to can suddenly become challenging, or seem impossible. The experience is like learning a new language, where simply ordering a cup of coffee becomes something you have to slow down and think about. But as you practice with a new language, you soon begin to gain fluency. The same is true in online facilitation. As the online environment starts to feel more natural to you over time, we are confident that you will start to discover more and more opportunities to teach your students, and to get the satisfaction of knowing that your course has helped them accomplish their learning goals.

There is always more to learn when it comes to online education, and there are many useful topics and strategies that we have not addressed here, not to mention those that you will create for yourself over time. Still, we hope that this resource has helped you build some of the most essential skills that you will need to feel confident as you guide your class, and build student engagement within your online course.

Thanks for taking the time to work through these materials, and all the best with your online course!