07 Quiz Instruction Tips

Guidelines for Populating the Quiz Instructions


Here are some of the elements to include in your overview: 

  • What material is covered in the quiz (i.e., modules 1-3)
  • The number of questions
  • The type of questions on the quiz (multiple-choice, short-answer, true or false, etc.)
  • Any specific quiz settings you’d like to highlight

Access and Availability 

Please review the sample wording provided in the template and modify as needed. It is also important to specify whether students have only one attempt or multiple attempts as in the last bullet.  

Due Dates 

It is a recommended practice not to include specific due dates here. Rather, refer students to your course schedule for all due dates.  This will make it easier to update your course for future offerings.  You can link directly to your course schedule. See the LEARN Course Templates for how to insert links. 

How Your Quiz Will Be Graded 

In this section, specify the grade breakdown for the quiz and how marks are awarded. For example, you may have a quiz with 12 questions: 10 multiple choice questions are worth 1 mark each and two short-answer questions are worth 5 marks each for a total of 20 marks. In the case of short-answer questions, you may want to provide additional information on how the 5 marks will be awarded. 

Include what will be shared with students once quiz results are published. For example, overall grade and whether correct responses will be shared.  


These guidelines are based on best practices and experience from the Centre for Extended Learning. You may update the guidelines as needed.