Module 2-Week 8: Seven Ps of Service

Learning Outcomes

  • Investigate the controllable factors contributing to service organizations. 
  • Critique the purpose of additional Ps for services compared to products. 
  • Create a customer conduct audit. 
  • Judge the importance of impression management. 
  • Examine the role of internal marketing for service organizations. 
  • Recognize how capacity management is relevant in the marketing of a service. 


Week 8 covers the marketing of services, specifically controllable factors that are applicable to service organizations. There are 4Ps - product, price, place, and promotion - which are also known as marketing mix elements. We have seen these in earlier lessons. These 4Ps are controllable factors that apply to organizations' marketing products. For service organizations, there are three more Ps that apply in addition to these 4Ps. Lesson 8.1 discusses the 7Ps in detail. The 7Ps include product, price, place, promotion, physical evidence, process, and people.    

Related Readings  

It is recommended that you complete the accompanied readings from the course textbook that complements the lessons. The readings include content and additional examples that will allow you to achieve the indicated learning outcomes as indicated in your textbook for Chapter 12 and will cover content for Week 8. You will be expected to achieve the learning outcomes LO5 and LO6 for Chapter 12.

Activities and Assignments