Module 2-Week 5: Marketing Research

Learning Outcomes

  • Define marketing research. 
  • List three types of marketing research. 
  • Describe how different types of research compare and contrast. 
  • Recognize the stages in the marketing research process. 
  • Discuss the use of secondary data, surveys, experiments, and observations in marketing research.
  • Explain how a marketing information system can trigger marketing actions.


Week 5 is about the research process in marketing. We examine the three types of research including the tools that we can utilize in each type. We answer if there is an optimal research design that would apply to any research question. The methods of sampling, survey, experiment, interview, focus groups, and the use of secondary data as well as primary data are discussed in detail. We also consider the idea of data mining as a tool to extract hidden information from large data sources.     

Related Readings  

It is recommended that you complete the accompanied readings from the course textbook that complement the lessons. The readings include content and additional examples that will allow you to achieve the indicated learning outcomes as indicated in your textbook for Chapter 8 and will cover content for Week 5. You will be expected to achieve learning outcomes LO1, LO2, and LO3 (Lesson 5.1), LO4 (Lesson 5.2), and LO5 (Lesson 5.3) for this chapter.   

Activities and Assignments