Module 1-Week 1: Introduction to Marketing

Learning Outcomes

  • Define marketing.
  • Explain how marketing discovers and satisfies consumer needs and wants.
  • Distinguish between controllable factors (marketing mix elements) and uncontrollable (environmental) forces.
  • Describe how organizations pay attention to managing customer relationships (CRM).
  • List and explain the six orientations of North American businesses over time.
  • Understand the customer experience management era (CEM).
  • Recognize the ethics and social responsibility of marketing and the idea of sustainable marketing practices.


The first week of this course is dedicated to the introduction of marketing. We start with the definition of marketing focusing on discovering and satisfying consumer needs and wants. There are controllable and uncontrollable forces related to marketing. Understanding these forces is the key to successful marketing practices. We also consider the management of customer relationships (CRM) and customer experiences (CEM). Historic development of marketing in North America shows us how the marketing concept was developed over time. Sustainable marketing practices and social responsibility of marketing are also in our interest this week. 

Related Readings  

It is recommended that you complete the accompanied readings from the course textbook that complements the lessons. The readings include content and additional examples that will allow you to achieve the indicated learning outcomes as indicated in your textbook for Chapter 1 and will cover the content for Week 1. You will be expected to achieve the learning outcomes LO1-LO5, skip LO2 (Lesson 1) and LO6-LO8 (Lesson 2) for this chapter. 

Activities and Assignments