SmartBook Practice Quizzes 


The current edition of the course textbook is accompanied by the learning tool SmartBook. This tool contains optional learning tools that you can complete alongside the required weekly lessons and textbook readings. Please note that the SmartBook Bonus quiz activities are created in a third party site, McGraw-Hill Connect, and require a Connect access code for the required textbook to be completed.


Each week there are assigned readings from a chapter in the textbook, which also includes a related SmartBook quiz. This is an optional weekly assignment. You can access the SmartBook quiz by logging into Connect through the McGraw-Hill Campus widget, which can be found on the Course Home page.

Signing up for McGraw-Hill Connect

  1. From the Course Home page, click on the McGraw-Hill Campus link.
  2. Click "Connect." 
    Connect button screenshot
  3. Review and agree to the terms of service.
  4. Enter your student email address and click "Find my account.”
    • If you haven't used Connect before, click "create a new account" followed by "Create a new Connect account and complete your registration. Complete all fields in the registration form. When completing your form, enter your name as it appears in LEARN to ensure you receive credit for your progress.
    • If you have used Connect before, enter your password and click "Log in.”
  5. When you see your textbook information, you have three options:
    • enter your access code,
    • select "Buy Online," or
    • you can "Start courtesy access" if you do not have an access code yet. The courtesy access will give you complimentary access to the content for 14 days.
  6. Review the "Learn How SmartBook Works" activity in Connect for a detailed walkthrough of SmartBook.


Technical Support 

If you require technical support for the SmartBook, please contact McGraw-Hill Education Support