There are 3 quizzes in this course with the purpose to help further your understanding of the course material. Material covered includes weekly lessons, case study videos, and related readings. All three quizzes are multiple choice. Quizzes are not cumulative. You are encouraged to review related material prior to attempting each quiz as the quiz time limits do not allow for review time. 

The 3 quizzes will cover content from the specified weeks as follows:

  • Quiz 1: Weeks 1 to 3
  • Quiz 2: Weeks 4 to 7
  • Quiz 3: Weeks 8 to 11

Access and Availability

  • Quizzes can be accessed from the Course Home page by clicking Submit and then Quizzes on the course navigation bar.
  • Quizzes will be available on the dates specified in the Course Schedule.
  • Quizzes will be available for a 48-hour time period.
  • There is a 30-minute time limit for each quiz.
  • You may only take a quiz once.
  • Be sure to be fully prepared BEFORE you click “Start Quiz” as there is no pause or come back option.

How Are Your Quizzes Graded?


QuizWeight (%)
Quiz 1 11% 
Quiz 2 11% 
Quiz 3 11%
Total 33%



Before Taking a Quiz

  • Stable Internet Connection: Use a stable, preferably wired (as opposed to wireless), high speed Internet connection.
  • Supported Browser: Check the System and Software Requirements to ensure you are using a Waterloo LEARN supported browser.
  • LEARN Downtime: WARNING: A message will be posted on the LEARN home page indicating if a downtime is scheduled. Please do not take quizzes during this time.
  • Start on Time: Quizzes must be started with enough time to complete prior to the due date and time as indicated in the Course Schedule. If you submit past the due date and time, you may be marked as late.

Taking a Quiz

  • Starting Your Quiz: If your quiz has a time limit, the timer begins as soon as you start the attempt. Leaving the quiz does not pause the timer.
  • Tracking Your Answers: Keep track of your answers so that you have a record in case any computer-related problems occur.
  • Saving Your Answers: Answers will be automatically saved once a response is selected. If you exceed the time limit, any questions answered after the time exceeded may not be recorded or count towards your final score.
  • Watching the Time: If your quiz has a time limit, keep an eye on the Time Left displayed in the top left corner of the quiz page. Quizzes submitted after this time will be recorded as a late submission and may not include any unsaved responses.

Submitting a Quiz

  • Submitting Properly: You MUST click the Submit Quiz button in order to begin the submission process.
  • Submission Processing Time: If you attempt to submit with little or no time remaining before the stated submission deadline, your submission may not be accepted. To accommodate variable network traffic and server response, please allow at least 2 minutes for your submission to complete.

Technical Support

  • If you encounter technical difficulty, please contact Technical Support at learnhelp@uwaterloo.ca. Technical support is available during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (Eastern Time).